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Videos of Williams Lake

Community Events at Williams Lake
In keeping with the legacy of the former Williams Lake Hotel, The Williams Lake Project plans to continue expanding access to the land for recreational use, research, and local Rosendale community organizations.

Williams Lake Hotel Reunion Party
The Williams Lake Project hosted a Farewell Reunion Party over the 2013 Labor Day weekend for the former employees of the Williams Lake Hotel.

Williams Lake Geology Research in Rosendale, NY
The property around Williams Lake has been used throughout the years for geology research by many organizations and universities. The Williams Lake Project is committed to allowing researchers to map out the land as long as there is interest.


Williams Lake Project Manager on Lake’s Sustainability
Williams Lake Project Manager Tim Allred elaborates on the geothermal system used in Williams Lake. In this video, Tim Allred checks the lake’s temperatures to find the thermocline, which gives them a better idea of Williams Lake temperature changes throughout the year.


Williams Lake Project Housing Plan
Williams Lake Project Manager Tim Allred explains the housing plan and the project’s focus on buying locally from the Rosendale community.

Williams Lake Project: Sustainability
Williams Lake Project Manager Tim Allred elaborates on the sustainability of the Williams Lake Project as well as his background on the subject. Williams Lake is located in Rosendale, NY in the Hudson Valley.