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The New Williams Lake: Responsible, Sustainable, Beautiful

Williams Lake from the Summit Trail Looking to the Catskills

The vision of the Williams Lake Project is to sustainably redevelop the former Williams Lake Hotel property as a Resort Spa and Residential Community focused on health, wellness and outdoor recreation. The proposed development will honor and protect the property’s rich industrial history, unique environmental sensitivity and public access traditions. The project will achieve these goals by adhering to five core values or design principles, outlined in the table below.

Hudson River Valley Resorts LLC is the developer and manager of the Williams Lake Project. We are a land development company that believes real estate development can be done differently. Our investors and employees share values of social and environmental responsibility. We contend that environmentally sensitive lands (such as the Williams Lake property) can be responsibly (and profitably) developed to the benefit of the community. We believe that employing a community-focused conservation development design will best protect the natural resources of Williams Lake while contributing much needed economic development to the region.

Williams Lake Project — Core Values
Celebrate the historic character of the land
Conserve critical habitat, protect natural resources
Create high-performance buildings
Connect with the local community
Promote active living and wellness