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My name is Tim Allred. I’m the project manager for the Williams Lake project and my background is really in Community Development. I began my career in International Sustainable Development. I ran a fishing project on the coast of Columbia and then more recently worked on a project in Mexico, a Sustainable Real Estate Development Project, which lead me to this Project. There are many aspects of our sustainability beginning with the fact that it’ll be a Lead Project and Lead is a green building council certification. The hotel will be Lead, probably the whole project will be built to those standards.

Williams Lake will be used as a sink and source for heat exchange, for geo-thermal energy for the project so the hotel, the spa and many of the homes will be powered in great degree by geo-thermal.

A strict commitment to native species, non invasives, minimal landscaping actually to let nature do its work so if you look at traditional projects, we have a tremendous amount of landscaping that then requires water and requires maintenance and we are going to do our best to have very little of that.